Setup Product(s) Specific PayPal Email Address in WooCommerce Shopping Cart

Setup Product, Page Specific PayPal Email Address in WooCommerce Shopping Cart

WooCommerce shop plugin works out of box with WordPress CMS (Of course its blogging platform) and anyone can able to build their advanced shopping cart in couple of hours. Still there are some limitations in WooCommerce shop plugin and does not have advanced and flexible features as you expect.

Quick tip to use custom PayPal ID for specific WooCommerce product(s) in your WordPress powered shopping cart.

I did came across an peculiar issue when i am building my own shopping cart to sell my electronic goods powered by WordPress with WooCommerce shopping cart. In my shopping cart have published 8 various products, 5 belongs to me and 3 products owned and promoted by my friend. Have used my official PayPal ID in shopping cart to receive the payments.

When someone who purchased my friend’s product which published on my site, payment have transferred to my PayPal account and every time i have to transfer the same to my friend’s PayPal account and its really frustrating. Via WooCommerce plugin options panel, unfortunately there is no option available to setup different PayPal ID’s for various products or page specific.

Luckily i have found a solution here to setup product / page specific PayPal ID to receive the payment. Here is the code what i have found in the referred article helps you to over ride the PayPal ID for any specific product(s).

The above code does the trick and helps you to over ride the default PayPal ID with custom one. So, whats next? i am able to predict your question about how to setup the above code in WooCommerce powered shopping cart. Let me show you how !!!

Step 1 : Find the functions.php file in your active theme folder and paste the above code at the end of the file just before the PHP close tag ?> and save the changes. Here i advice you to backup your functions.php file before making any changes. if something went wrong, you can easily restore the file.

Step 2 : Replace the WooCommerce product ID’s in line number 6 and 9 with your own. Here is the quick tip about how to find your WooCommerce product ID to replace. Don’t forget to replace the PayPal ID in line number 7 and 10 as well.

(Note : In the above illustrated code, i have override the primary PayPal ID with custom one for 2 products only. If you wish to use for only one, then remove the line number 9,10 and 11 or looking add another product with custom PayPal ID, append another instance of 9,10 and 11 code just underneath it with appropriate WooCommerce product ID)

If you are not interested in the above code, You may consider using WooCommerce Custom PayPal WordPress plugin will helps you to set up different PayPal receivers on product level and category level.

I hope that you found the above article very useful to over ride the primary PayPal ID in your WooCommerce shopping cart for any specific product. If you found any difficulties, do not hesitate to post your question using below comment form.

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